I love cooking and everything about it. If you want to be a good cook you need some talent, fresh ingredients and a nice piece of cookware. So, this site is dedicated to the latter (eventhough we will occasionally  touch the talent and ingredients factor as well).

Buying cookware can be sometimes quite frustrating. You don’t know what material, size or type of cookware to choose… You start researching, asking around and then you end up buying a nice pot you will never use. And, of course, you spend a nice sum of money in the process.

To avoid all of this, I created this small site that is intended to be a  guide to the world of cookware. The articles and reviews on this site are mostly based on my experience or on the “borrowed” experience of my family and friends.  I must admit I did some reading and research on the subject as well (and have learnt some pretty useful things too).  So, many thanks to all you fellow cookware and cooking aficionados (especially the ones posting on http://www.chow.com/).

Hopefully this accumulated knowledge will help you choose the right cookware for your kitchen.  In every case, all the products featured on this site are products with excellent rating and numerous reviews.

Please leave your comments and participate in the discussions. Sharing your experiences is most welcomed! 

Follow my blog as well. You will find many useful and tasty recepies, tips and tricks.  Try them at home and write your feedback.   

Love, Barbara

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