Cookware sets

If you are looking for a cookware set there are few thing to consider:

- The size of the cookware set: the size being the number of pieces in the set as well as the capacity of the specific pieces in it. You can buy cookware sets that have just 3 pieces or decide to buy a bigger set with 17 pieces. It all depends from your needs. The most popular cookware sets have around 10 pieces.

- The pieces in the cookware set: cookware sets can have different combinations of pieces (frying and grilling pans, saucepans, roasting pans, different pots, Dutch ovens, braisers, etc.). Again, think before buying about the pots and pans you are most likely going to use in your kitchen. Some shapes of cookware are good for frying, others are for making sauces. Read here about the characteristics of the different cookware pieces before choosing the set.

- The material of the cookware: cookware sets can be found in many different materials. Stainless steel is the most common material so this is where the selection is the widest. Still, you can buy your cookware set in the nonstick, hard anodized, copper, enameled cast iron, and claded version. Every material has its own properties and characteristics. Some are more durable, others have better heat retention and dispersion properties. Read here about the pros and cons of the specific materials.

- The price range: of course it depends from the size and the material you have chosen for your cookware set. Usually the nonstick cookware sets are the cheapest while the copper sets are the most expensive. Many on line stores have special offers and sometimes they offer high discounts on the sets (some even exceeding 70%). But, even if the cookware set is on the higher end of the price range (and the quality ones are usually there), think about it as a long term investment. You are going to use your cookware every day for preparing your meals and that for several years or even decades. So, don’t let the price be your main factor.


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