A few good reasons to start canning

Canning is really popular these days. It seems that people are canning more than ever. Still, a lot of people are missing the point when it comes to canning. „Why do you waste yoir time with it?“, „Is it really worth it?“, „Where do you find the time?“, are among the most common questions I’m being asked.  First of all I really enjoy it, but there are same good (and practical) reason you should can.

Canning saves money: Of course this is the most practical reason of all and nowdays a very good reason if you want to save some money on your groceries.  Preserving food yourself  is a great way to stock your pantry and save some money. You will save even more if you grown your own fruits and vegetables. In this way you will not only save on your groceries but you will save on your gas bill (less trips to your grocery store).

Canning is healthy: If you do your own canning you will be able to control what goes into your food. This is the best way to avoid dangerous additives and preservatives. Again, the benefits are even greater if you grow your own food because you’ll know exactly what is the quality of your own fruits and vegetables (hopefully you will avoid pesticides as well). Moreover,  you will be able to avoid exotic or non-seasonal fruits shipped from foreign countries and stored for months in refrigerators.  Remember that the best thing you can do for your health is to eat fruits and vegetables that have grown under the sun and that have matured respecting the times of Mother Nature (read here something about seasonal fruits and vegetables http://localfoods.about.com/od/finduselocalfoods/a/natlseason.htm) .  Overall you’ll be healthier because you’ll be eating better food with more vitamins and nutrients. Lesser trips to the doctor as well!

It tastes better:  This is true if you grow your fruits and vegetables or if you buy it from your local farmer. Store-bought fruits and veggies just can compare to the seasonal food that is harvested at the peak of its flavour. The flavours and the colors are just a whole different thing.

Canning is green! Canning is environmentally friendly. You preserve  your food (even better if you grow it yourself or buy it from the local farmers), you avoid additives and pesticides, you save on gas and, the next year, you recycle the jars. So, canning is good for your health and for the environment, too.  And overall this is the first step to self sufficiency.

Canning is fun:   Some people won’t agree with this statement but I find canning really fun. Preserving with your family and friends is a nice way to spend your day. If you pick your fruits and vegetables (or berries in the woods) you will spend a nice day outdoors! And the beauty lies in the fact that the result will last for months and you will be able to make some really great gifts (I just love home-made jams!).

So, the next time somebody asks you „Why do you can?“ you can list a few very good reasons. Here is a great site http://www.pickyourown.org/ . Just click on your area nad find the nearest „Pick-your-own farm“.  Happy canning to everybody!


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