The Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin risotto dor the Dutch ovenThis is definitely the pumpkin season so today I’m going to write a post amount one of my favorite autumn/ winter dishes. Ideal for an easy and light Halloween lunch!

 This is a recipe that is originally from the north of Italy (it’s from the Lombardia region). In Italy they call it Risotto alla zucca.

The ingredients for this risotto are:

- 2 tablespoon olive oil
- 1 chopped onion
- 1 cup of diced pumpkin
- 1 ½ cup of rice
- 4 cups of hot vegetable stock (you can use chicken stock as well)
- grated parmigiano reggiano cheese
- 15 g of butter
- ½ glass of white wine

how to make pumpkin risottoFirst of all you need to clean the pumpkin and dice the needed quantity. In the meantime heat the olive oil in a saucepan (I use my Dutch oven as well) and gently cook the finely chopped onion. When the onion is golden add the diced pumpkin and the rice. MIxe the two for a couple of minutes and make sure the rice doesn’t adhere to the bottom of the saucepan. Cook for 10 minutes.

pumpking risotto recipeNow it’s time to add the white wine and gradually the stock. Cook for another 20 minutes. When the rice is almost done add the butter and the parmigiano reggiano cheese.Mix it well. When it’s done leave it to rest for 2 minutes before serving it!
You can add a little bit of rosemary. For the rice you can use Arborio, Vialone nano or Carnaroli rice. If you prefer your risotto to be nice and colorful mix a couple of cooked pumpkin cubes and mixed them so you can add them to the sausepan alongside with the stock.


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