Grilling with a gas grill

With the approaching of spring and summer grilling becomes a cooking option again. Yesterday I took my Q 100 Weber portable gas grill out and made a tasty and delicious lunch (grilled chicken and grilled vegetables).

The Weber Q 100 is one of the most popular gas grills and there are several reasons for that.

q 100 portable gas grill1. It’s easier to use compared to a charcoal grill. This grill heats up in a couple of minutes, so you are ready for making your steaks whenever you want. Before I bought the Q 100 I was using my grill only on weekends, because I had more time but with this one I can have a complete grilled meal in some 20 minutes.

2. This is a grill for smaller spaces and for a maximum of 4 persons. This is the ideal grill if you don’t have a backyard or you live in an apartment. It’s great if you are single too. So, for big grill parties you should get a bigger grill.

3. It’s a sturdy grill. The Weber is well made unlike some cheaper grills. The Q 100 has a heavy cast iron grate which leaves great searing marks on your meat and veggies.

weber portable gas grill4. You don’t have to deal with charcoal. I don’t know for you but I always hated the whole charcoal thing when it comes to grilling. The 100 is a gas grill so I just hook my grill up to a 5 lb propane tank. Some people buy a special adapter hose in order to use larger gas tanks. So this is a good option. In every case my 5 lb tank lasts for quite a while.

5. The food made on the Weber Q 100 is tasty and delicious. I use this grill for making steaks, hamburgers, sausages, fish, vegetables, and I’m very satisfied with the results. People often debate about charcoal versus gas and there are points in favor of both parts when it comes to the taste you get. The meat made on a gas grill has a less smoky flavor to it. The authentic „off the fire“ taste of grilled meat is stronger with wood a s the heat source. I have read that a study was done on the subject where people were presented with hamburgers and steaks prepared on charcoal and on gas. When it came to hamburgers no one could tell the difference between charcoal and gas, but people noticed the difference with the steak, because of a more smoky flavor.

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  1. Weber don’t make no junk – and the Q 100 is proof that they’re excellent at making one heck of a portable gasser!

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